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The World’s Most Efficient, Hands-on and Transformative ChatGPT Educational Programme

Before the Accelerator, I looked at ChatGPT as just a content writing tool and kind of search engine.

“The idea was that it has a database. But it frustrated me all the time because it didn’t give me the results I anticipated. It would always return vague, general points. Now I look at it more like a partner for my work. My work days look very different now and tasks that used to take up so much time and mental space are done quicker, giving me room to breathe and think bigger. It’s like there’s a whole realm of possibilities out there that ChatGPT is helping me uncover. I can safely say that people haven’t realised how powerful ChatGPT can be.”

Shahbaaz Khan
Head of Design – Project Manager

Programme Outcomes

After 4 weeks in the ChatGPT Accelerator, you can expect…

Newfound ChatGPT Skills

Become proficient in using ChatGPT to its fullest by learning how to… 

 ​Embrace its underlying technology
 ​Help it understand your specific needs
 ​Overcome limitations and challenges
 ​Engineer inputs to get the best outputs
 ​Improve outputs through examples
 ​Work through complex tasks
 ​Refine inputs based on outputs
 ​Harness different forms of role play
 ​Reverse roles so AI becomes the prompter
 ​Integrate images, data and real-time research

AI-Enabled Work

Use your newfound skills to unlock your own potential by harnessing ChatGPT to…

 impersonate your thinking and voice
 ​optimise your workflows
 plan more strategically
 make better decisions
 ​think more critically
 ​articulate thoughts better
 ​analyse situations more thoroughly
 ​boost effectiveness of business interactions
 ​create and innovate more efficiently
 ​expand the breadth/depth of your knowledge

Improved Operational Efficiency
Enhance Productivity
Increase Cost Savings
Reduce Cognitive Burden
Increase Work Enjoyment

Improved Strategic Innovation
Learn on Demand
Synthesise on Demand
Create on Demand
Be Thorough
Think More Critically

Expand Your Career Path
Create Opportunities
Enhance Your Brand
Stay Ahead

Before the Accelerator, I was totally new to ChatGPT and had never used it before.

“I appreciated getting insights into how Fahed works with ChatGPT. So it’s not just about the knowledge and information I learned, but also how to think about ChatGPT and solve problems I face while using it. I also loved how Fahed looked focused on my use cases and how I could do things differently with ChatGPT, how I could use it on a daily. basis, how it could impact me. I think that was very exciting.”

Hans Horlings
Trainer / Coach / Author

What to Expect


1-1 Consultation

Begin with a 30-minute consultation to establish mutually agreed objectives that define the measure of success for your specific participation in the programme.

"I loved how it was focused on my use cases and how I could do things differently with ChatGPT, how I could use it daily and how it could impact me. That was very exciting."
Hans Horlings



Spend your weekends absorbing the pre-recorded training that equips you with the concepts and skills needed to master ChatGPT.

"I related really well to how the content was delivered with lots of real life examples. I like the way in which visuals, life experiences and stories put the point across."
Patrick Birt



Use your weekdays to implement your weekend learnings into your actual daily workflows, thereby turning theoretical knowledge into tangible skills.

"I loved how it was hands-on with a focus on real-world applications. It was active and immediate. Seeing things, doing things, right there. That was incredible."
Shahbaaz Khan



You will face challenges and frustrations applying your newfound knowledge into your daily workflows and you’ll get direct expert help overcoming them in the 2 x 2-hour group coaching calls per week.
"I especially loved the coaching calls where he’d ask us to show him what we were working on and then we solve the challenges together. It was very practical and tailor-made."
Orchids Roy-Campbell


24/7 Support

Gain round-the-clock access to our online community where your peers, my team and I provide ongoing support in-between the coaching calls.

"I appreciated the ability to get the exact answer to the exact question at every step of the process... everything was so practical."
Franco Grilli



Whenever you can’t attend a live session, just watch the recordings which are uploaded almost straight away.

"If I had a pressing issue, I could get it solved through the live sessions. Otherwise, if I was busy, I could just watch the recordings."
Ryan Randall

Want to dive deeper?

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Programme Calendar

All events are recorded for those who cannot attend live.

Week 0ThuWelcome Session
Week 1FriWeek 1 Content Released
TueCoaching Call 1
ThuCoaching Call 2
Week 2FriWeek 2 Content Released
TueCoaching Call 3
ThuCoaching Call 4
Week 3FriWeek 3 Content Released
TueCoaching Call 5
ThuCoaching Call 6
Week 4FriWeek 4 Content Released
TueCoaching Call 7
ThuCoaching Call 8

Before the programme, I was using ChatGPT for simple tasks. I didn’t think it could do more than that.

“My relationship with ChatGPT has changed drastically. Now I see it as an extension of me that I can use in different ways based on circumstance. I now use it to reach my goals through structured methodologies. There are now so many ways I’m using it and even more I plan to use it. Branding, marketing, product development, blogging and writing articles. I might even start using it to code. I also use it through voice now to outsource the left side of my brain in a way. It’s like I’m thinking loudly through chat GPT. Definitely, the relationship has strengthened.”

Ahmed Shlibak
Head of Design – Project Manager

About Your Coach

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Recognised as being in the top 0.1% most active ChatGPT users, Fahed Bizzari is an international thought leader in the professional application of ChatGPT.

With a track record that includes 18 years in software development, approx 4,000 hours mastering GPT + ChatGPT, two decades in entrepreneurship and years in consulting and training, he is not your average expert. This diverse and substantial experience makes him the ChatGPT authority you’ll want to listen to.

He has a genuine mastery over ChatGPT, an intuitive understanding of its practical applications and a knack for making the complex easily understandable. He can relate to those who are new to ChatGPT and can speak the language of professionals from all walks of life. When you learn from him, you’re getting insights that are not just deeply informed but also well communicated.

He is the creator of the FASTER ChatGPT curriculum which he trained professionals through a 2-day ChatGPT workshop for six months and is sought-after by media, events and podcast hosts.

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Before the Accelerator, I kept hitting brick walls relating to numbers, tone, incorrect information etc.

“I now feel like a pilot at the controls of a modern plane where I provide planning, steering and oversight while it does everything else. I use it to increase my knowledge, get help with social media, and personalise my resume… I use it for absolutely everything. I even use it to analyse my personal expenditure throughout the month. Not just ChatGPT, but also Perplexity and Claude which the course introduced me to.
It’s hard to quantify how productive it’s made me. But it feels like tasks that used to take me weeks now take hours. I’d say that a 60-hour workweek has been shrunk down to about 40 hours.”

Patrick Birt

Your Bonuses

Enroll today and get these 7 bonuses worth $3,993 with your purchase.

Bonus 1

worth $999

Expert Content Prompts

Forget the exhaustive effort that goes into creating thought leadership content as these prompts (paired with a concise training) will automate it for you. That includes magnetic headlines, engaging outlines and compelling content that captures and conveys your insights. I spent 20 weeks + $6,000 learning the manual way. You get it automated.

Bonus 2

worth $499

Primer Creation Training

Learn how to fine-tune ChatGPT’s responses to your unique situation with remarkable accuracy by giving ChatGPT a deep understanding of your specific situation. Move beyond generic interactions and save time with a ChatGPT that’s precisely aligned with your objectives.

Bonus 3

worth $399

Perplexity Training

Learn how to bypass ChatGPT’s knowledge constraints by deploying a GPT-powered search team that delivers real-time, precise internet-based research, with up-to-date answers and reliable references. Learn how to avoid common errors.

Bonus 4

worth $399

GPT Training

Go beyond the surface with a practical and thorough understanding of the sophisticated technology that powers ChatGPT. Uncover the method to its pattern recognition mastery in order to steer it to your advantage.

Bonus 5

worth $999

Lifetime Access

Secure ongoing access to our upcoming comprehensive self-study modular course that ensures that the programme’s wealth of information is always at your fingertips.

Bonus 6

worth $599

Previous Coaching Calls

Dive into a curated collection of pre-recorded coaching calls, packed with practical wisdom, actionable insights and expert guidance to enhance your proficiency.

Bonus 7

worth $99

Rethink ChatGPT

This 3-part masterclass  guides you through the innovative mindset shifts and effective strategies needed to unlock ChatGPT’s potential.

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Limited to just 15 participants, the ChatGPT Accelerator starts on 1 March 2023.
Enrollment closes on 27 Feb 2023 and only three seats are left.

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Frequent Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

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The programme is user-friendly and accessible for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. You don’t need to be a computer scientist or a coding expert to excel. I’ve made the learning curve manageable, breaking down the technical aspects into digestible, easy-to-understand modules. And if you ever find yourself stuck, you will have access to a community group where my team and I will be in-and-out all of the time.

This coaching programme is as much about personal growth and overcoming challenges as it is about leveraging technology. I’ll be beside you to demystify any technical jargon and provide straightforward solutions to any issues you might encounter.

By the end of the coaching programme, you’ll not only have acquired invaluable life skills but also a new level of comfort and fluency with technology. It’s a win-win situation and there’s absolutely no reason for technical barriers to hold you back.

Let’s consider a few points:
• Personalised Feedback: Even though the setting is a group one, I make it a point to provide personalised guidance and feedback. You will have direct access to my team and I to ask questions and discuss any challenges you’re facing.
• Peer Learning: Group settings offer the advantage of learning from your peers. This can sometimes provide insights that even one-on-one settings can’t offer. You’ll benefit from different perspectives, experiences and skills within the group.
• Community Support: One of the underestimated benefits of group learning is the sense of community it creates. You’re not just learning from me, but also giving and receiving support from other members. This often serves as an additional layer of accountability and motivation.
• Resource Efficiency: Being able to help more people than in one-on-one settings means I can make it affordable.
• Structured yet Flexible: I’ve designed the programme to be structured enough to maintain rigor, but with enough flexibility to cater to individual needs. Breakout sessions, group exercises and opportunities for one-on-one consultation are all part of the experience.

So, while it might seem that one-on-one instruction is more your style, give the group coaching programme a try. You might find it offers a richer, more multifaceted learning experience. And remember, I’ll be personally ensuring that each member gets the individual attention they deserve.

Don’t forget, you also have the safety net of a 1-week money-back guarantee.

The ChatGPT Accelerator is specifically engineered to offer not just theoretical knowledge, but actionable insights that you can immediately apply in your career or business. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution; it’s a tailored approach that focuses on your individual needs and goals.

Let’s think about it:
How much would it be worth to you if you could negotiate just a 5% higher salary in your next job offer?
How much could you earn increasing your close rate by 5%?
What’s the value of learning skills that make you indispensable in an ever-changing job market?
How much could you save by making better decisions based?
What’s the financial upside of avoiding career pitfalls because you were better prepared and more adaptive?
Have you ever calculated the cost of missed opportunities due to a lack of guidance or strategic vision?

When you put it in those terms, the return on your investment becomes a lot clearer. You’re not just spending money; you’re investing in a future that has the potential to be much richer, in every sense of the word.

Moreover, the focused, one-on-one nature of this coaching programme makes it infinitely more valuable than generic, mass-market offerings.

With that all said, please note that I cannot guarantee specific results because the outcomes you experience depend on your personal commitment, effort and application.

The nature of coaching programmes is intrinsically personal and thus varies from individual to individual. While I can’t offer you a quantifiable “return on investment” in the same way a financial product might, I can guarantee a level of personal attention, expertise and adaptability that traditional courses or resources can’t match.

You will experience this at the start, during your discovery call where we agree on the three primary measurable objectives that will define your success, and then through all of the live sessions where we work to ensure those objectives are met.

While I can’t put exact numbers on the outcomes, the value can be immense and life-changing. This is not just another box to tick off; it’s an investment in your holistic self-improvement, facilitated by someone who will be personally invested in your progress.

It is true that the internet is replete with tutorials, articles and videos. However, there are several key advantages to participating in the ChatGPT Accelerator coaching programme over solely relying on free resources.

1. Structured Guidance: Free resources can be overwhelming and disparate. My coaching programme offers a curated, step-by-step approach designed to maximise your learning and application.
2. Personalised Attention: Self-learning is often a solitary path and there’s no one to answer your specific questions or correct your mistakes. In this coaching programme, you have access to me, my team and your peers.
3. Accountability: It’s easy to procrastinate or lose track when you’re on your own. The accountability that comes with a coaching programme like this ensures you stay on the right path.
4. Time Efficiency: With free resources, the onus is on you to figure out what’s worthy of your time and what isn’t. In this programme, the curriculum is streamlined to offer you the most value in the shortest time possible, allowing you to apply the knowledge almost immediately.
5. Advanced Techniques: Free resources can only get you so far. This coaching programme covers topics and methods that are not found in free materials, providing you with a competitive edge.
6. Hands-on Projects: Theory is good, but practice is essential. This programme allows you to work on practical, hands-on projects taken from your real-life that challenge you and help consolidate your learning.
7. Emotional and Mental Support: A structured environment not only supports academic and professional growth but also provides emotional and psychological stability, which is vital for long-term success.

So while self-directed learning is a resourceful route, the added value from a comprehensive, personalised coaching programme designed for real-world applications can be a game-changer for your life and career.

The coaching programme is designed to be as comprehensive as possible while also being adaptable to your specific needs. And whilst it is based on a curriculum I consider to be comprehensive, it is dynamic.

With that said, I don’t want you to face disappointment. So please let me know what specific areas you’re interested in that are not listed here and I will let you know whether it will be covered or not

It’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when venturing into a new field or skill set, especially when the subject matter appears complex at first glance.

However, some of the beauties of the programme includes how everything has been spaced out so that you have time to learn, implement and get feedback. Not only that, but my team and I will be directly involved in your learning process.

Furthermore, the structure of this programme is designed to gradually build your understanding of the topics, rather than throwing you into the deep end. Each module acts as a stepping stone for the next, enabling a more manageable and enjoyable learning journey.

Yes. We will not cover:
1. Coding through ChatGPT.
2. Using the code interpreter.
3. Web-enabled.

If you’re motivated to enhance your skills, stay ahead with AI, and embrace a transformative approach to work, the ChatGPT Accelerator could be a great fit.


Listen to the experiences of Alumni

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Paolo Volani
Strategic Property Specialist

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Namita Ramani
Digital Marketeer

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Hussam Jandal
Digital Marketing Consultant and Business Strategist

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Omar Mousa
Financial Crime Consultant

A Final Message…

The age of AI is not coming; it’s here. Right now, the world is waking up to the possibilities of what can be achieved with tools like ChatGPT. But there’s a gap between those who observe from the sidelines and those who engage, innovate and lead.

That’s where you come in.

I created the ChatGPT Accelerator because I’ve seen firsthand how this technology can transform the way we think, create and work. I’ve watched it spark new ideas, automate the tedious and unlock potential that’s been waiting for the right key. And I know it can do the same for you.

Maybe you’re not feeling like a “tech wizard” or worry you’re not “smart enough” for AI. I’ve been there and so have many others who took this journey with me.

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to be the most tech-savvy or the most experienced to succeed. You just have to be willing to learn, try, stumble and rise. Because that’s how growth happens. That’s how you redefine your relationship with technology and innovation.

The ChatGPT Accelerator is more than just a course; it’s a path to a new way of living and working. It’s about embracing the future with open arms and an open mind.

Your ideas, your creativity, your intellect – all can be amplified and unleashed like never before. And it’s not just about you; it’s about the positive impact you can have on others and the world at large.

No more hesitating. No more doubts. This is YOUR time and this opportunity is risk-free. The benefits of embarking on this journey far outweigh any fears or uncertainties you might feel.

Wanna know who thrives in this AI-driven world?

It’s not just the tech geniuses or the business magnates. It’s the curious minds, the eager learners, the resilient dreamers. It’s people like YOU, who are ready to explore, innovate and make a mark.

There is a place for you in this exciting new frontier and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Should you choose to say YES to your transformative journey, I personally guarantee that the ChatGPT Accelerator will be an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

I can’t wait to welcome you and cheer you on inside the ChatGPT Accelerator!

All my best,

Fahed Bizzari

p.s. If you are still not ready to make this decision, these videos are for you…

Before the Accelerator, I was using ChatGPT for simple tasks like rewording emails and documents.

“I sensed that it could do more, but I kept putting it on the back burner because I was always busy with other things. Being on the programme has blown my mind as to the possibilities and my approach now is very different to what I ever thought that I could ever use it for. I loved this programme so much. I loved how we had access to both live and recorded sessions. If I had a pressing issue, I could get it solved through a coaching call. Otherwise, if I was busy, I could just watch the recordings. At first, I was scared that the same-day replays would feel like I was watching a YouTube video. But the way Fahed personalises everything meant it still felt like I was on the live.”

Ryan Randall

Disclaimer: While the ChatGPT Accelerator is designed to enhance your understanding and application of ChatGPT, it does not guarantee specific results because the outcomes you experience depend on your personal commitment, effort and application.

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