90 Minutes to Unlock the Future of Work

ChatGPT has the potential to elevate the effectiveness, efficiency and enjoyment of your professional and personal life.

But it all begins by understanding how it actually works and the uncharted capabilities it can unlock for you.


Rethink ChatGPT

A live 90-minute online workshop delivered to reboot your relationship with ChatGPT in a way that produces more effective outcomes.

Explore a detailed use case that reduced 8 weeks of work into a few hours.

Shift your perspective from seeing ChatGPT as just a tool to recognising it as a cognitive collaborator.

Dive into the practical side with a user-friendly guided exploration of the underlying GPT technology.

Learn to personalise ChatGPT’s behaviour to meet your unique professional requirements.

Master a highly effective 20/80 prompting framework that works every time. 

And more.

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SPOILER ALERT: ChatGPT is not a search engine!

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About Your Instructor

Fahed Bizzari is an international thought leader in the professional application of ChatGPT.

With a track record that includes 18 years in software development, approx 4,000 hours mastering ChatGPT, two decades in entrepreneurship and years in consulting and training, Fahed is not your average expert. This diverse and substantial experience makes him the authority on ChatGPT you’ll want to listen to. What’s more, he’s fine-tuned his communication skills with significant investments, ensuring that you’re not just learning but also truly engaged.

He has a genuine mastery of ChatGPT, an intuitive understanding of its practical applications and a knack for making the complex easily understandable. He can relate to those who are new to ChatGPT and can speak the language of professionals from all walks of life. When you learn from him, you’re getting insights that are not just deeply informed but also exceptionally well communicated.

Fahed Bizzari has been featured in:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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While freely accessible information can broaden your understanding, it often lacks a cohesive framework for actual skill development. This masterclass provides that strategic cohesion, making sure you not only gain knowledge but also adopt the empowering mental models necessary for skillful application. Without this structured approach, even the most diligent learners find it difficult to translate information into meaningful action.

It’s great that you consider yourself an advanced user, but using ChatGPT extensively doesn’t necessarily equate to mastery. The masterclass offers transformative insights that almost all seasoned users often overlook. It’s not just about exploiting features; it’s about adopting a fresh mindset towards ChatGPT. Even established experts in the field find value in the paradigm shifts introduced by this course. So, if you’re looking to evolve from advanced to elite, this masterclass will fill in the gaps and take your skills to new heights.

Not at all. While it’s true that AI is a swiftly evolving field and new models are emerging, the essence of this masterclass is to arm you with enduring principles and a flexible mindset that apply across the board. ChatGPT serves as an effective, current example, but the skills you’ll acquire are designed to be future-proof, enabling you to adapt and excel no matter what conversational AI you encounter. The course’s focus is less about the tool and more about empowering you to navigate any changes in the AI landscape effectively.

This masterclass uniquely centres on the crucial paradigm shift that elevates your ChatGPT skills. Unlike other courses that offer piecemeal tips, Rethink ChatGPT facilitates a mental transformation that’s absent in other programmes. This focus ensures you achieve real expertise, rather than accumulating isolated pieces of information.

Stay Ahead or Be Left Behind

The Rethink ChatGPT Workshop was created to give you an edge today and keep you relevant tomorrow. Time is moving faster every day and those who stutter will get left behind. Your purchase is secured by a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.